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Specialist accountant in licensed trade 
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Business plans
We also offer the all-inclusive Barrels Accountants licensed trade package - this package typically consists of modules such as:
  • Weekly payroll – including legal submissions and returns
  • Monthly P&L and balance sheet
  • Annual return – to Companies House (for limited companies)
  • Annual tax submission to HMRC – either self- assessment or limited company
  • VAT returns – including legal submissions
  • MGD return – including all legal submission
  • Monthly on site visit to process all information – so paperwork doesn’t leave site
  • Modules you don't need can be removed - additional modules of value to your business can be added at will

We're much more than accountants - we're business advisors

The team at Barrels Accountants are specialists within licenced trade. We have extensive experience in running and managing pubs, including all the finance related functions such as performing stocktakes, managing cash, writing and monitoring business plans, keeping track of and reporting on profit and completing end of year reports. If you need a specialist accountant in licensed trade in High Wycombe, get in touch with a member of our team.  

Our experience means we really understand your industry and your challenges. You'll spend far less time explaining an issue or a need to us than you will to an accountant without this specialist experience and we will come up with solutions for you that we know are tried and trusted within the trade.

We offer our services throughout Buckinghamshire.

How easy is it to change accountants?

Very! It's possible that you're using a nominated accountant for a set period of time as decided by your brewery. In this case, simply ask your brewery when you're free to change. You might be using an accountant you chose but be having second thoughts about them. Either way, it's easy to change to Barrels Accounting. Once you've decided to start using our services, we will take care of everything for you. Your current accountant is obliged to co-operate fully with a smooth handover to us, just as we would be if ever you decide to move your business away from us.
Change accounts

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Business strategy

Do you have a business plan?

Every business needs a business plan. Using our extensive experience we can help you write a realistic, professional and achievable business plan, whether you need one for presentation to a bank or for your own use. We will do that in a timescale to meet your needs and at an affordable price. We will also help you monitor progress against the plan, and review the plan when required.


Controlling the stocks of food and drinks within your business is a crucial part of its day-to-day running and is often overlooked. Specialist stocktaking, pub stock control and bar stock control services should be a priority in order to monitor improvements in efficiency and profitability. A regular professional stocktaking service is the key to highlighting potential losses that could be occurring on a daily basis in your business. From poor stock management, stock leakage or dishonesty, our job is to identify the problem, minimise the leakage and maximise your profits.  

Bi-monthly stocktakes are included in our package and we offer additional audits when required. This can be of great value when leaving the business in the care of others, and you want to ensure the tightest controls are in place while you are away. At Barrels Accounting we understand that stocktaking can be a chore during the everyday running of your business. Our stocktakers will work alongside you, so you can see what is showing up in your accounts and understand what you can do to improve your bottom line.

In what way is our advice specialised?

As well as being qualified accountants, we have real insight into the licensed trade. Using our knowledge gleaned from many years in the business and many current clients in the business, we can help you address questions such as:
  • Are you paying the right price for everything from drinks to glassware and other renewables?
  • Are you charging the right price for the right products, to maximise your gross profit?
  • What do breweries want to see within a business plan?
  • How should information be presented within a business plan to maximise the benefit to you?
  • What's the best way to manage flexible payroll arrangements?
  • Are you paying your staff the right wages?
  • How should variances on the percentage of turnover represented by wet/dry sales affect salaries you offer?
  • Are you minimising your overheads in relation to accommodation?
  • What logistics options do you have?
  • How can you best allocate income and expenditure to a range of cost codes?
  • Where do you want the gross profit to show up?

What now?

We will take care of the accounts for your licensed trade in and around High Wycombe. It will cost you nothing and will commit you to nothing. We can have a chat about what you want from your accountant, discuss whether we are able to provide that for you and then go from there!  
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